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Sunday, May 4, 2014


These are the bantu ethnic group and linguistic group based in he Dodoma region of central Tanzania. The Gogo have historically been predominantly pastoralist  and Patrilineal, but many contemporary Gogo now practices  settled agriculture. They have migrated to urban areas or work on plantations through Tanzania.
The Gogo language can be divided into three dialects, Nyandwa (west Gogo) Nyangogo (central Gogo) and Tumba (East Gogo)

The Gogo tribe can be found around 34-37 degree E, Longitude and 5.5 – 6.5 degree % latitude
The Gogo live in the Central Tanganyika region of Tanzania a country on the coast of South East Africa. They often refer to this area as Ugogo.

Those that would become known as the Gogo tribe came to Ugogo around A.D 300. The area was inhabited by a few other group (tribe) such as the Wang’omvia and the Wamakata but not many lived there because the region is dry and arid this poor for agriculture.
The Gogo spent many year at war with their neighbouring Maasai and Wahehe tribes. Eventually war with European came to the coast. The Germans made war until they defeasted the Africans. The Germans would go on to force the Gogo and after tribes to pay taxes as well as to construct rail roads and building

Sexual division of production. The heaviest physical labor is generally relegated to men and lighter tasks to women. Few women work with machines and other highly valued productive assets. In children, girls often shoulder the greater work load than boys, a pattern of that often respects as children grows into adult hood.

Ugogo has had a mixed economy of agriculture and herding but most heavily depended on grain from agriculture.
Traditional system of cultivation works parties of about twenty men and women. Their cultivation held from January through march.

Mostly they are using a number livestock in the bridewealth. And the marriages took place within a day’s walking distance after agreement is reached.
Number of wives. While others man of gogo have only one wife, but most found polygamy. A man could hope to have two or three wives and sometimes lived together.
Divorce. The divorce rate in gogo was very low, for a few marriages ended in divorce. Even after divorce all children born during the marriage belonged to ex-husband where the cattle came from.

The  defense against the Kisongo, Masai and wahehe was organized and based on age groups of warriors much as the Maasai. This military organization was mostly used  for local defense although it could be used for cattle raids against others.

The first child has the authority to rule all in whole house. He is the one who  inherits the house and receives a Ipinde (bow) and sit in the chair to take care of all his Kinsmen who follow.
A children is instructed to follow the taboos and customs of his fathers lineage but his mothers taboos were not considered.
A beauty young women were respected and became paramours by exchanging husband.
After Gogo boys is circumcised and returns from the circumcision cap, he is supposed to have gained intelligence. He who fails to rember the spirits of his ancestors in that camp is scorned by the youth and elders and his elders are shamed
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