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A teacher is the person whose his occupation is to instruct others in order to give knowledge and skills or is the one whose business is to teach the students in order to give them skills and knowledge. And he or she use the participatory method during teaching activities According to Tarrant define a word teacher as a facilitator as he wrote
                                            “a teacher is a person who facilitates the acquisition of knowledge
                                    by directing the students in a formal education”
A Preacher is someone who instructs others in religion or is a minister of the gospel sometimes one who preaches without regular ordination. According to plan English dictionary define a preacher as follows,            “is a person who conduct religion sermon, he residing ceremonies  
                                                                          And sermon people about the word of god or giving homilies
The following are the roles used by the teachers during teaching activities these are like
Councilor; the teacher is someone who is trained to listen people and the students their problems and give them the advice maybe there was some students having the problems of the school fees, the problems of getting pregnant for the some of the girls at the young age, and others they engaged in bad groups like the uses of drugs abuse, and also others engaged in peers groups so as we know that the teacher is like the judge so he or she use the opportunity of counseling them.
 According  to Nacino. Brown       the teacher is a spiritual director in his ways he plays both the roll
                                                                           of the teacher and the preacher the spiritual welfare of the student depend
                                                                            on the way the teacher is rising them, half of the student time
                                                                              is on the hands of the teacher”
Role model; the teacher is someone whose looking like a model in a societies and others imitates from  the teacher so students learned through the teacher behavior and imitate from him those good things they learnt from  him or her. Examples if you want students to use quite voices in your classroom while they work, you too will use a quit voice as you move through the room helping them. So through those situations children learns through him because he is like model.
Guider;  is the act or process of guiding so one of the responsibilities of teacher is to guide the learners during teaching activities, also he or she used their ability to supervise the students into the good situations examples he guides students when their at classroom, while doing the exercise and also guide them during teaching activities in order to make sure that the students they learnt in a good According to Bello put it in this way         
                                                       “A responsible teacher is the guardian of the student through  
                                                                         his actions and words not merely his directive actions in the class
Leader; is someone who has an authority of supper vice people so one of the job of the teacher is to make sure that the students their in good situations he or she supervise the students in learning maters like to make sure t[1]hat they get good education.
Communicator; is someone who looking as a media of communication between him and their students at the educational matter so his  job is to make sure that what they teaching was been understood well by their students.
Advisor; is the someone who spend a lot of his time to advice people so one of the work of a teacher is to advice the students in their studies or during the occurrence of the problems facing them like the problem in their subjects they study and also when they have got the problems of school fees so the work of teacher is to advice them.
Manager; is someone whose manage something so the teacher is the someone who manages the students during the periods of studies to make sure that the knowledge and the ability which give to them helping them for their futures. He should manage class and understand the development of every students. 
According to Richard he said, “In the class a teacher ensure that the time scheduled
                                                                            in the time table the scheme of work the lesson
                                                                             plan and the lesson notes are flowing in a smooth way”
Question and answer methods. This is the methods which teacher used during the periods of teaching he used to ask questions to  their students and answer the questions which the children’s used to ask him or her so through this participatory method the students improved well. and didn’t forget the lesson and makes them become aware with the lessons.
Story telling methods; can be defined as an art of using language vocalization and physical movement and gestures which help teacher to reach his or her imagination she should be able to supplement her story telling with audio visual aids, and by asking developmental and other types of questions. This methods of teaching help in attracting the attention of the pupils, also this methods makes the lesson lovely and interesting to the pupils and also it was good way which is participatory methods it makes the pupils to participate well in the lesson.
Debate methods; this is the participatory methods which the teachers used during teaching their learners. in this methods the teacher introduce the lessons and give the students discussing the lessons into their group discussions so through this methods every students should participate and this methods help them to remember well the lessons because they don’t forget.
Guest of honor methods; this is the participatory methods which the teacher used during his teaching activities in this methods teachers should invites the guess to teach the lessons which he or she should not familiar examples teacher should invite the doctors in teaching the topic of reproduction to the form three students so through that the students should enjoy the lessons.
Reading methods; is the participatory methods which teachers used during the teaching his or her lesson there many types of reading methods this are like, chorale reading, in this methods teacher and students read a story together and loud into their small groups so through this kind help to builds reading comprehension and fluency. Cued reading a teacher utilizes introduction discussion about a story before reading   this   builds study comprehension and interest in reading. Echo reading a teacher  reads a text, one sentences  at a time as the students follows a long the students then attempts to imitate the teacher this technique build fluency and confidence in oral reading skills, group dynamic reading, in this type the students and teacher take in turns in reading the text at first the children follows what the teacher reads with their fingers  after this the students read while the teacher listens this builds oral reading skills and fluency, silent reading in this types students read silently  for specified period of time this methods build the confidence in reading skills, but should only be used when students are ready.
Project methods; is an activity that typically involves a current outlay of funds in expectation of a stream of benefits extending far into future. This also is the participatory methods the responsibility of teacher is to provide those situations to the students where they should feel a sponteous urge to some of their practical problems the teacher may converse with the class on different topics of interest to them this methods enable the students to know about the long term ,medium term, and short term of rural people of finance, enable students know  about the various agencies which provide finance the rural areas and their merits and demerities, to enable the student know about the various  banking operations and also they makes students to be self reliant confident and independendent, makes students more research minded.
Dramatization methods; is the acting of little plays is an effective device. it is not only a change from the routine teaching but also a method to teach English the teacher can select suitable extracts from the readers for dramatization but there should an element of drama in them they provide for some interesting action and play, the objectives of dramatization are to reinforce structures, provide for conversational to create necessary background for effective learning ,and the selection of short plays depends on pupils interests, their age group, and previous knowledge. The role of the teacher for dramatization the teacher acts as the director he should teach the actors to speak the dialoques properly to modulate their voice, and he must give proper actions for acting their relies. Also he can the entire play and the mental set up of each character such instructions help them to play their roles and to appreciate the action of the drama. This methods it provides ample opportunities for listening to colloquial English, pupils can listen to dialoques and understand them. It enable students to play different roles. Enable them to use colloquial languages in their daily speaking and also pupils can learn art of acting.

Study tours methods; is the methods which teachers used by travels from one area to another areas for the aims of studies examples teachers when he or she wants to teach about physical geography subjects in form three class he goes with the students to the trips and studies many things like physical vegetations the plateaus, meanders, about the rocks and others features or travelling to the national parks, the industrials areas and also in the mining areas so through that participatory methods students they enjoying an become happy.
I conclude in saying that a teacher is not a preacher because a teacher is the one who is function is to teach the students and he used different participatory methods in teaching their students in order their subject to be understood well while the preacher is someone whose preach the word of the gods to those believers  the following are the methods used by the teacher during learning activities this methods are like dramatization, storytelling, debate, question and answer, reading project ,study tour and so on and also teacher has the following roles first he was a facilitators,  councilor, role model  ,guider,  leader, advisor, manager, and also a communicator so in my opinions I say it was true that a teachers is not a preacher due to the above mentioned.


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