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The neighboring tribe of Ruguru also cooperative to this ribe they do ttend to different ceremonial Mwali this are Kware kami tribe, Zaramo  of East Sagara
The Ruguru direct neighboring of the Sagara and live to East, their culture and dialect most closely resenable those of kaguru and Ngulu people  who lived directly north. The Zaramo live and a rarely fifty kilometers east of the Ruguru. MWANAHITI  combine there groups where on page 35 it is said Eastern Tanzania was a culturally unified region heaving  small pocket of people speaking different dialect of the some language and sharing very similar and social institution political organization and economic varies  names given to eastern Tanzania, bantu speaking groups were Ruguru kami kutu, Zaramo, Kwere, Zigwa Ngulu, Kaguru, Sagara and Vidundo this names are not reflect any deep seated ethnic differences instead they saried accorfing to the ecologies riches each group inhabited.

More than 1200 years of contact the Ruguru speech communities seem to compress a pivoted social group that broken  (Mahenge  through the central zone in it broads historian contact interestingly, Ruguru people tell fightingly complex history

Separated player were made to God. And he gave the impession that is understanding of God likely represent never understanding  associated with Christianity. However he was clear that the Lesser way prayer was directed was to the ancestors as it was believed that they were closer to job.

Among the Tanzania Ruguru was may be given a demonstration of sexual intercourse using hens during the Ng’hula initiation stage or age 8 to 9 , four term usedfor period up to Mwali (maiden hood , the use of which it considered offensive after a next had been appointed . although breastes are frequently used for a girl growing up, secondary hair growth and instruction are conversional  taboos reinstruction is indicators only in euphemism and several women informents protested their total ignorance of reinstruction   before it occurred and their terror they had close something wickned they all stoled (Mwiko kabisa kumwambia kigoli) it is absolutely taboo to tell pre puberty girl. After the seclusion  of the Mwali it held when a girl reaches puberty and to shield her from sexual relation the girl is instructed at a ceremony called “Kucheza mkole”  (the dance at the tree of maturity by the Mchunga according to von Valdow (1935) the Material ground mother.
“with maturity come sex never refuse husband use three piece of cloth to wife him after intercourse and eep them washed so not lommik adulty when you menstruate of the blood int the ground and never climb into the left for food at that time. Send some body else only mature women can attend stubborn especially with your husband stubbin ones are of snake do not pas road directly”
The Mwali also practices by neighboring Kwere and Kami tribes, is aides by the use of Dolls (handing mentioned the canibitate during her seclusionis although Muslim and Christianity go through the wedding ceremonies of these detail to her husband bed after